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We are the eyes and ears of our member companies’ Underwriters, providing a superior product in a timely and cost effective manner.
Extensive survey and loss control services are provided to our member companies and their affiliates. Our specialized staff quickly evaluates property and casualty exposures that prove useful to Underwriters during the underwriting process. Also, we can develop innovative, practical, cost effective solutions for hazardous or defective conditions.

Surveys include:

1. Property and casualty surveys of manufacturing or special hazard risks.

2. Property and casualty surveys of residential, office, mercantile and/or service risks.

3. Estimates of Building Replacement Cost

4. Supplemental (follow-up) surveys to verify recommendation correction and/or update building occupancy.

The Loss Control Department is staffed by a group of highly trained professionals who service the New England states as well as New York, New Jersey and Illinois. Our database includes all reports completed in the last four years. We have upgraded our systems to state-of-the-art technology allowing web-based access for ordering and

State of the Art Web Based Survey Application

The MFIA Loss Control Survey application is a Microsoft Word Web based application:

Survey requests are submitted via MFIA website providing ease, efficiency and the ability to determine the real time status of any outstanding survey request

MFIA Loss Control staff accesses survey requests via website, completes surveys and uploads completed surveys to website for customer access avoiding the delays inherent in hard copy transfer of survey information

When surveys are completed and available to the requestor, customers have the option of receiving either an automatic email notification of the availability of the survey on the website or an automatic email which includes the completed survey as an attachment

Customer has the option of receiving the survey in either .doc or pdf format

Customers have the ability to determine whether the MFIA data base includes a prior report of a specific location, the ability to review a “snapshot” of the pertinent building information related to that risk and the option of purchasing a copy of that survey.

Electronic survey data capture within MFIA data base allows the customer the option of data mining characteristics of insured book of business.


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